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Whatever your property needs, we can take care of you. With our experience in property management, full home remodels, and a large variety of home improvement projects, we can offer an almost unlimited number of services to you.  Here are a few:

From Make Ready to Make Beautiful

With the Agape Property Repair Team your peace of mind is guaranteed.  Whether you're managing multiple properties or just your own home, we can keep your life running smoothly and your to do list empty.

The Perfect Mix of Quality & Speed

We are perfectionist and are committed to taking the time and sweating the details to ensure we are delivering a product of the highest quality for right now and for years to come. At the same time we view your time as more precious than ours. We emphasize careful planning and preparation to ensure we can provide the highest level of convenience to our customers by being on the jobsite the shortest time possible for achieving our high quality results.


Our crew is all on staff, no contract laborers. This ensures we have the labor supply on hand to get to your job quickly. If you have a home improvement job you want done quickly, or a property you need on the market now, then Agape Property Repair Team is the right solution for you


We recognize that as our customer you are our boss and will treat you as such. While we will certainly offer our expertise, our only goal is your highest satisfaction, and we consider no job to be complete until you say it is.


Unlike most of our competition, where the owner functions as a general contractor, at Agape Proeprty Repair Team the executive manager is personally at every job, ensuring that our strict pursuit of quality is adhered to in every detail.

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Lawn Care

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